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Established in 2009, WarZone Wrestling was born in Pakenham, Victoria and has since become an INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED brand, featuring guest superstars from Japan to Canda to the USA and beyond. Not only has WarZone hosted former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstars, but some of our locally recruited talents have since gone on to become WWE superstars themselves. Additionally we have hosted talent who have since signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), and have also retain working relationships with a wide range of amazing talent.  


WarZone alumni include 5x NWA World Heavyweight Champion and current WWE on-screen talent ADAM PEARCE , AEW wrestler COLT COBANA , Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and 3x WWE Tag Team Champion PAUL LONDON , Former WWE Tag Team Champion EUGENE, 2x All Japan Tag Team Champion NOSAWA, and more!


WarZone has always focused on providing the best entertainment for it’s audiences and venues alike, and will continue to do so in the future. WarZone is an all-round event, we have our exciting high-flying matches with our cruiserweight performers, and the action packed heavyweight performers battling it out over the WarZone Championship.Championship.


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